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The story

of our

exceptional maple syrup

For over 20 years, Maple Joe® has been sourcing its maple syrup from its producer partners to bring you the very highest quality product harvested with care. In the world’s biggest maple producing region, across Canada’s maple forests, Maple Joe® processes and bottles maple products with passion, creating moments of pure happiness.

From tree to table, Maple Joe® treats the people and the environment that give us the gift of pure maple syrup with the utmost respect.

Our values and


Respect for nature runs deep with Joe. Whether it’s the smallest or the most major undertaking, Joe makes sure it is carried out with the greatest consideration for the environment.

Reduced ecological footprint

Joe works tirelessly to reduce the ecologic footprint of his activities in so many ways, from engaging in responsible production from tree to table to constructing a production facility built to the highest standards of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Joe's Mission

Protect the environment, produce the absolute highest quality products and commit to our community.

Environment, quality & community

Continuously and every day, Maple Joe takes three factors into consideration: environment, quality and community. He acts as a responsible steward for the environment by deploying green technologies. His products are only of the very highest quality thanks to his embrace of innovative techniques. Joe commits to his community acting with a long term view.

For a greener


Increase bio diversity

Capture GHGs

Reduce heat island effect

For a greener


In fact, from the very beginning, Joe’s production facility was built using green tech to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to these efforts and to his tremendous care for the environment, Joe is proud to have achieved accreditation as a carbon neutral business.

What’s more, Joe is actively engaged in a number of tree planting initiatives in North American forests. These reforestation projects help reduce the effects of heat islands, increase biodiversity and assist in greenhouse gas (GHG) recapture. Always with the goal of reducing his environmental footprint as much as possible, Joe works hard to minimize GHG emissions created in the transport of his syrup supply. For instance, 80% of his producer partners are located within 50 miles of his plant.

For a gourmet quality

taste experience

For Joe, product quality is an absolute necessity. His lab is supplied with the latest syrup analysis technology, which lets Joe and his team control the authenticity, origin and freshness of their syrups. He also works closely with his producers to constantly improve maple sap harvest techniques to ensure syrup quality and protect the environment.

That way Joe can guarantee you a product that’s totally delicious and 100% pure and natural.

A brand that’s committed

to the community

Joe’s work would not be possible without help from his passionate team and partners. Respect for employees and their well-being as well as the equitable sharing of wealth are critically important values for Joe.

Joe is committed to his producers as well, notably by providing assistance both technically and financially. Also, he has committed to his local community via activities on behalf of causes that are close to his heart. Recently Joe and his employees raised money for the Leucan organization, to help families with children who are living with cancer. They also raised money in support of social pediatrics for families in need. Joe also supports the Carbone Scol’Ere educational program that aims to educate young children so they adopt ecological habits in their daily lives.

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