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All orders are processed and delivered within 10 business days and all shipping options are listed on the Check-out page.

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Where is your maple syrup produced?

Maple Joe® maple syrup is harvested in the world’s largest maple producing region, the maple forests of Canada. These are situated for the most part in the province of Quebec which supplies close to 71% of global production.

When is the harvest period?

Sugaring off time varies from year to year according to the temperature and the region but generally it begins at the end of February or beginning of March and runs until the end of April or the beginning of May. So it usually lasts 8 to 10 weeks.

How long does maple syrup keep?

You can go by the best before date printed on each product and the notice telling you if the product must be refrigerated after opening or not. Maple syrup, with the seal intact, can be stored a minimum of 3 years before opening.

How much maple sap does it take to produce a litre of maple syrup?

It takes an average of 40 litres of maple sap to produce 1 litre of syrup.

What is maple syrup made of?

Maple syrup has only one ingredient: maple sap. The flow of this sap is a natural phenomenon that occurs each spring when the nighttime and daytime temperatures alternate between freezing and thawing.

What’s in maple syrup?

Maple syrup is made up of 68% carbohydrates of which 80% is sucrose. Other sugars found in maple syrup include glucose and fructose. It also provides 100 essential nutritional elements such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, phytohormones and 67 polyphenols.

What factors determine syrup’s colour, flavour and clarity?

Syrup colour is determined by the time of harvest. There are four syrup classifications including golden, amber, dark and very dark. Golden is the clearest: it has a more delicate flavour and is harvested at the start of the season. Amber has a richer flavour. Syrup labelled dark has a more robust, almost caramelized flavour. Very dark syrup is harvested at the end of the season which gives it an even more pronounced maple taste than the other categories.

Are there any additives in pure maple syrup?

Maple Joe® maple syrup is 100% pure. It’s natural, non-refined, sterile, gluten free and completely of vegetable origin. It contains no coloring, no artificial flavors and no preservatives. It’s made with a single ingredient, namely 100% pure maple syrup.

Do our products contain any allergens?

The Acer Centre, which classifies our syrups, conducts random testing for allergens. What’s more, all our producers sign a letter of guarantee declaring that there are no allergens in their syrup. We also have an allergen management procedure to avoid any contamination in our facility.

What are maple syrup’s benefits?

100% pure maple syrup is a natural sweetener that, when consumed in moderation, can be part of a healthy diet. It is an all-natural energy booster/sweetener that can help provide nutrition before, during, and after exercise. 2 tbsp. (30 mL) of maple syrup contains 35% of the Daily Value for manganese and 15% of the Daily Value for Riboflavin.

Is maple syrup natural?

Maple Joe maple syrup is completely natural, with no additives whatsoever, as it is obtained by concentrating the sap of specific species of maple tree.

What is the difference between honey, agave syrup and maple syrup?

Maple syrup comes from the sap of maple trees. Honey is a sweet substance produced by honeybees from nectar or honeydew. Agave syrup is a sweetening product made from a variety of agave succulent plants.

What does it take for maple syrup to be certified organic?

To be certified organic, maple producers must adhere to a number of highly stringent standards. These include a number of elements such as how the sugar bush is managed, plant diversity, pest control, tree tapping practices as well as how the sap is collected and processed. In addition, an inspector from an independent certifying body visits maple producing companies annually to verify and approve production criteria.

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